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Beeline Cutter Cassette

Beeline Cutter Cassette
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Beeline Strip Cutter Cassette

It is super easy to change cutting sizes.  Simply slide open the top of the cutter, and remove the cassette to insert another size.  Each cassette cuts several strips the same size at one time.

Cassettes are measured in 32nds of an inch.  The #3 = 3/32, #4 = 1/8th, #5=5/32, #6=3/16, #7=7/32, #8=1/4.   The Beeline uses  from #3 all the way up to #10.  The #10 cuts a 1/2 inch strip.

Cassettes #11 and #12 are now available.  They each cut two strips.  #11 is 3/4 inch in width and #12 is one inch.  These cassettes are $377 each.  Please contact Legacy Studio to special order.

Cassettes sized #3, and 4 are considered "fine".   The #5 is a "middle-size".  Sizes 6 and up would be "wide cut" or "primitive".  There are longer cassettes available for those who want to cut many strips at one time. 

Each cassette weighs 0.47 kg or about a pound.  Each standard cassette is $198 US which currently equals $271. CAD. 

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Weight 0.70 kg
Our price: 271.00 CA$ (204.61 US$)
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