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Eco Bag - Green Peony with Strap

Eco Bag - Green Peony with Strap

Eco Bags are made from the same great washable nylon fabric as the baskets.  They are fully lined inside with multiple pockets. There are feet on the bottom of the bag to keep it clean if you set it down.  Each bag has two sturdy handles, an outside pocket with a zipper, and the whole bag zips closed.   

Some bags may have shoulder straps.  If there is a strap shown in the photo, then that bag has the attachments for a shoulder strap.  Straps are $4.95 and are sold seperately.   

This would be a terrific over-night bag, project bag, or it could be used as a diaper bag.

The bags measure 18" by 10" by 12" high.  They may be folded flat for storage. ON ORDER

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