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Double-Row Mini Combs

Double-Row Mini Combs

Fibre is combed before spinning to align the fibres and to remove the short bits and waste.  Double-row combs do a very thorough job of this.  The spinner may pull the fibres into a sliver or spin right off of the comb.  Combed fibre is called "Top" and produces a worsted yarn.

Louet double-row mini-combs are suited for combing and de-hairing the finest of fibers.  Louet mini combs are made from Ash and finished with a clear lacquer. As a safety precaution, all Louet combs are machined so they are not razor sharp. These mini combs are easy on your wrists as they are light-weight at 3 oz or 85 grams each.  Sold as a pair.  

Louet double-tined are the combs recommended by Judith MacKenzie McCuin.

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