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Olive Oil Soap-Grated

Olive Oil Soap-Grated

Real Olive Oil Soap seemed a little hard to find, so I began making it.  It has been made the old-fashioned way with lye.  There is a reaction between the oil and the lye that neutralizes the lye and makes soap. 

Olive Oil soap is great for wet-felting as it is low sudsing and slippery -- both good characteristics for the felting process.  Handmade soap retains natural glycerin, a byproduct of soap-making that is taken out of commercial soap.  Glycerin softens the skin.  You'll find it in hand lotion.

Each package of grated soap weighs 75 grams.  Sprinkle it into warm water and make a soapy mix for felting.  Grated soap is unscented.

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