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Orvus Paste

Orvus Paste

Orvus Paste is a pure detergent with a neutral pH.  It contains no dyes, perfumes, fats, oils, enzymes or brighteners and is considered a detergent rather than a soap.

Because Orvus is a gentle surfactant, it is also used to clean embroidered pieces, fine rugs, quilts and other textiles. It can be used in cold, warm or hot water dissolves quickly and rinses away cleanly without leaving a residue.  Excellent for protein fibres.

Orvus is sodium lauryl sulfate. It is completely biodegradable and does not contain phosphates. Sodium lauryl sulfate is a “surfactant” – it removes stains and residues that are oily, so it’s found as an ingredient in lots of surface cleaners.

Orvus is sometimes sold as Quilt Soap.  Use 1 Tbsp. in a bathtub for a quilt.  Generally one Tbsp/kg.

Excellent for washing fleece (also cattle, dogs or horses!)  I've also heard it's used to clean watercolor paint brushes!

400 gram size.

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