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Prepared to Dye

Prepared to Dye
The ultimate dyeing handbook for fiber artists!   
You'll learn many different ways you can use commercial acid dye to produce fantastic effects in fiber of all kinds for hooking, prodding, punchneedle, applique, knitting, crocheting, and more; you'll also learn to bleed, marbleize, and marry found wool to produce gorgeous colors and patterns without any added dyes. 
Included are instructions for preparing different kinds of fiber for dyeing, information on setting up and furnishing your dye space, and hundreds of useful tips from a master dyer.  With step-by-step demonstrations of 19 different dyeing methods in many variations, this book is bound to have the perfect process to get the results you want. Prochem Dye used.
  • Solid and mottled dyes for fabric and yarn
  • Dip dyes
  • Traditional multi value swaches
  • Lazy Swatch shortcut
  • Spot dyes
  • Dump dyes
  • Bleeding found wool
  • Marbleizing
  • Special techniques for mohair, nylon, and more

186pp, soft cover, lots of colored photos.

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