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Spinner's Book of Fleece

Spinner's Book of Fleece

A Breed-by-Breed Guide to Choosing and Spinning the Perfect Fibre for Every Purpose

An essential companion for spinners of all levels, this sheep-by-sheep guide provides fleece profiles of 19 breeds and describes the different spinning methods that produce yarns suitable for a wide range of projects -- from lacy shawls to sturdy outerwear.

You'll explore the basic characteristics of fleece -- crimp structure, lock shape, and relative fineness or coarseness -- and learn how they affect the quality of the yarn you spin. Characteristics vary widely depending on the breed of sheep the fleece comes from.  This book shows each breed's characteristics and history, a photo of the animal, its locks and samples spun, knitted and woven.  Also included are instructions on proper cleaning and processing techniques for different types of fleece and tips for successful spinning.

Choose the right fleece for your project every time, and you'll have enviable control over each step, from washing to spinning to finished item.  Customers have been asking for this book -- so here it is!

245pp, Color Photos

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