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Spinning Yarn

Spinning Yarn

Whether you are an experienced crafter chasing the perfect yarn or a beginner looking for an outlet for your creative talents, this book will inspire you to get spinning.  It starts with the basics and moves through all aspects of spinning until you are producing your own beautiful and functional yarns.  Then you can tackle the craft projects at the back of the book using your own unique creations.

  • Includes basic techniques for beginners as well as recipes for more adventurous yarns to inspire experienced spinners.
  • Step-by-step sequences explain techniques for the preparation of fibers, spinning a single thread, plying single threads together to make a balanced yarn, and creative use of color.
  • Once you have mastered the techniques, you will find recipes for a huge range of exquisite, textured yarns in single or mixed colorways.  From subtly sensuous mohair to crisp two-lies and the lovely nubbly charms of flecked, spiral, boucle, and bullion yarns.  This section includes suggestions for how to use each yarn in terms of drape and durability. 
  • At the back of the book there is a special section on going commercial: selling and marketing your work and swapping yarns over the internet.

Soft cover, 144pp, color

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