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Yarn Works

Yarn Works - How to Spin, Dye, and Knit Your Own Yarn

From fibre source to cast on -- creating your own yarn allows you to be the master of your knitting!  Yarn Works is the complete guide to spin, dye and knit your own yarns.  It's written to inspire both new and experienced spinners and dyers.  Through workshops and workshop assistants, Yarn Works brings you full circle from the specific fiber - revealing how to spin and dye it- to patterns that use that particular spun and dyed fibre in a knitted project.  This book includes knitting patterns designed to complement the beauty, texture, and unique qualities of your handmade yarn.

  • Learn how to create beautiful and appropriate yarns -- from fibre source to knitted project.
  • Discover how to make your own inexpensive spinning tools and use fibre from its source.
  • Receive comprehensive recipes for dyeing with both natural and synthetic dyes, and learn how to dye all fibre groups.
  • See how to match fibre and yarn to knitted projects
  • Challenge yourself to try new methods and fibres when spinning, dyeing and knitting.

192 pp.  Soft cover. Color and black and white photos.

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