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Angelina Ultraviolet

Angelina Ultraviolet
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Angelina is an amazing optical special-effect fibre. It is available in several different colors, but the common effect of these fibres is "sparkle". You need only a small amount blended with your spinning fibre - as little as 2% will be effective. Angelina catches the light and becomes luminous. There are iridescent and metallic forms. It is soft, so doesn't irritate when used against the skin. Angelina is beautiful when bonded and used in greeting cards-- It sparkles.

Ultraviolet is a dark blue-purple color.  Very pretty.

This color is heat-bondable. It will bond to itself when ironed at low heat between two pieces of parchment paper, making a "spider web" of fibre. It will bond to other fibres if you use Bo-Nash Powder, listed separately. 

Angelina is sold in 10 gram portions (0.35 ounces).

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