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Ashford Joy Spinning Wheel-Double Treadle

Ashford Joy Spinning Wheel-Double Treadle
Joy Double Treadle w/sliding hook flyer
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Joy Double Treadle
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Joy Wheel
Popular and Portable!

The Joy 2 is the solution to portable spinning. You can take this wheel with you wherever you go! The revolutionary design is ultra lightweight and folds up to fit inside a carry bag. We've heard stories of spinners taking this wheel all over the world; on a boat, on a plane or in a travel trailer!

The flyer and bobbins fit into the frame and the treadle board folds flat. It has scotch tension and four flyer ratios for fine to chunky novelty yarns. Superior performance with ball bearings.

A new feature of the Joy is the sliding hook on the flyer.  Instead of a row of hooks, you have one sliding hook that moves along the flyer arm.

The Joy comes assembled, lacquered and ready to use. Made from strong furniture grade plywood. Three bobbins included. Choose either single or double treadle. Some spinners prefer the double treadle because they feel it is more balanced in use.

Wheel diameter 40cm (15 3/4")
Orifice 1cm (3/8")
Bobbin Capacity 100gm (3-4oz)
Ratios 6, 8, 11 & 14:1
Weight 4.9 kg (11 lb)

Carry Bag: Natural and Black canvas with padding and nylon lining to protect your wheel. Three pockets, one inside and two outside to store your hand cards, fibre and niddy noddy. The Joy is now sold with the Carry Bag included.

Single treadle Joy listed separately.  

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