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Atkinson: Jumping for Joy

Atkinson: Jumping for Joy
Jumping For Joy
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Shelly Atkinson is a Canadian artist from Nova Scotia.  Her patterns are whimsical and folksy.  They are happy and show a sense of humor.  Jumping for Joy is an illustration of that.  The cow in the foreground is jumping for joy.  Don't you love the flower-dotted landscape and the little wonky houses?  Have fun with the sheep on the hillside, use wool fibre or fleece to hook them.  Have whispy smoke coming from the chimney.  Even the sun is smiling. 

I've hooked this pattern using a #3 cut and it went quite quickly as there is no shading.  I used the narrow cut for detail, but you could hook landscape in a wider cut and save the narrow for window frames and such.  This is a favorite pattern!

Available on Monk's Cloth or on Linen.  Pattern size: 24 x 20 inches or 61 x 51 cm.  There is 5.5" (13cm) of additional fabric on each side of the pattern to fit it easily into your frame.

Please respect the copyright.

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