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Beeline Cutter

Beeline Cutter
Easy Cassette Removal
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This great machine cuts your woolen fabric into uniform strips ready for hooking.  It's so nice to not have to cut with scissors or the rotary cutter any longer, just run your felted wool through the cutter to get any amount needed for your project.  Super easy to change cutting sizes.  Simply move the top and slide out the cassette.

The cutter includes one cutting cassette, your choice of size.  They are measured in 32nds of an inch, and cut several strips at once.  The #3 = 3/32, #4 = 4/32 and so on.   The Beeline uses #3 all the way up to #10.  The #10 cuts a 1/2 inch strip. There are also #8.5 and #9.5 cassettes available by special order.

Cassettes sized #3 and #4 are considered "fine".   The #5 is a "middle-size".  Sizes #6 and up would be "wide cut" or "primitive".  There are extra-long cassettes available for those who want to cut many strips at one time or make up kits.  Additional cassettes are sold separately.

This cutter includes a great carrying caddy that is durable and handy.  It has hard sides to protect your cutter.  Included also are the hex wrench and a cleaning brush. (dog in photo not included.)  The caddy is also sold separately.

The Beeline is considered "top of the line" in cutters.  They are warranteed by the manufacturer for free parts and service for one year. 

Weight of cutter: 1.9 kg.  (4 lb.)  Weight of Cutter, Caddy and accessories: 3.4 kg ( about 7 lb.)

Cutter is $598 US, plus customs fees and shipping.  When purchased in Canada, the border costs are already paid.

Please specify your choice of size for the included cassette under "customer notes".  

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