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Bison Yarn

Bison Yarn
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Bison do not give up their fibre easily! These animals are not tame. It may be collected in the Spring when the bison rub it off on bushes or posts. It must be sorted to seperate the different types of fibre.  It's only the soft undercoat, or down that is desirable for yarn. 

Bison is hypo-allergenic.  The staple length of down is 1 to 2 inches.  It is highly insulating, so very warm.  It becomes softer and fluffier with washing. Bison is an exotic fibre similar to cashmere or quiviut.

I've had this yarn spun for Legacy Studio at a local mill. We added some soft Alpaca and Merino to produce a luxury yarn the natural color. This yarn is 40% Alberta Bison, 40% Alberta Alpaca, and 20% Merino. Adding a little wool contributes elasticity and memory to the yarn.  It is a two-ply yarn.

Yarn is sold by weight.  Each skein is a slightly different weight, so I've listed them individually.

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