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Blending Board

Blending Board
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The blending board is used to blend your fibres for spinning or felting. Blend layers of fibres and combine colors. Transition across the board from light to dark. Create textured or chunky yarns. Add glitz, locks, bits of yarn, silk, and threads. Create fantastic, imaginative art yarns.

After extensive research and development, Howard Brush came up with a combination of variables that were the ideal makeup for a cloth used specifically on a blending board. Blending cloth has longer teeth, a different, more open tooth pattern, and the finish on the tip of the wire is such that it is less likely to hurt your hand since there is so much more contact using a blending board than hand or drum carders.

Regular carding cloth has a shorter tooth in comparison to blending cloth, a more closed tooth pattern, and the finish on the tip is a bit more aggressive.

The special fabrication and design of blending cloth makes it ideal for handling a spectrum of materials; normal fleeces, and not so normal fun additives; feathers, bits of cloth, etc. On top of that, the makeup of the tooth itself is best suited for the process of evenly blending, and uniformly removing.

Howard Brush carding cloth is 72 tpi, a good size for blending.  The overall size of the board is 13 by 15.75 inches. The keel on the back is positionable.  Set the board onto a table or use it on your knees. Included are two dowels for removing rolags and a wire brush.

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