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Blue-Faced Leicester Oatmeal

Blue-Faced Leicester Oatmeal
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Blue-Faced Leicester is a breed of sheep that emerged in Britain about the turn of the century.  Blue-Faced Leicesters have broad Roman noses, and no wool on heads and legs.  Their name arises from the dark blue skin showing through the hair on their heads.

Staple (fibre) length is 3 to 6 inches.  This fibre is soft and silky with good loft (fluffy).  BFL is a good choice for strong, smooth fabrics and yarns that drape well.  It wet felts.  This fibre is experiencing a resurgence in demand.

In the UK this BFL color is known as Oatmeal.  It is an attractive light brown.  It has a heathery texture spun or felted. 

Wool is packaged in 100 gram and 200 gram portions.

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