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Brother Drum Carder

Brother Drum Carder
Standard Carder
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Brother DrumCarder Co. is a family business that creates quality fibre processing equipment. This is their classic drumcarder.  

The frame is built from hemlock wood. It's 12" wide and 24" long.  Total height is 9", and it weighs 10 pounds. Produces a 9"x22" batt.  Copper bushings are used for longevity of the carder. The 1/2-inch long teeth on the carding cloth are a hardened and highly tempered steel wire that is remarkable for its durability and uniformity. The ratio between the Licker-in and the Swift is 5:1. Natural finish.

The licker-in drum is always a coarser cloth than the swift. TPI means "tines per inch", and refers to the density of the wires. One would use a greater density of wire for finer fibre.  If you card art batts, you'll want the 72 tpi.  If fine fibre or blending you'll probably want the 90 or 120 tpi.

Carding cloths available: 72, 90, 120 and 190tpi.  Interchangeable drums are available and are easily switched out with a screwdriver. Brush attachment, clamps and doffer are sold separately.

You won't find better quality for the price, plus a limited lifetime warranty!  We typically stock the 72 tpi as it's the most popular.  No duty as it's already in Canada.  We will gladly bring in the carder you need.