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Corriedale Wool - Rose

Corriedale Wool - Rose
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Corriedale is medium-fine, soft and well-crimped wool. The longer staple length of the fibre, about 4 1/4 inches, makes for easy spinning. It is also well-suited for needle-felting due to the fibre diameter and the springy nature of the wool. It may also be used for wet felting. Corriedale is often used when wet-felting an item that will have abrasion or rougher use than a scarf, like a purse, book cover, etc.

Corriedale is a great multi-purpose wool. Soft enough for a garment, and good for both wet and needle-felting.

This wool is an strong pink color.
It is sold in 100 and 200 gram portions.

(100 grams = 3.52 oz. and 200 grams = 7.06 oz.)

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