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Corriedale Wool - Seal Gray

Corriedale Wool - Seal Gray
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Seal is a pale gray color. 

Corriedale is medium-fine, soft and well-crimped wool. The longer staple length of the fibre, about 4 1/4 inches, makes for easy spinning. It is also well-suited for needle-felting due to the fibre diameter and the springy nature of the wool. It may also be used for wet felting. 

Corriedale is a great multi-purpose wool. Soft enough for a garment, and good for both types of felting.  Top means it has been combed and all the bits removed, leaving the nice, long fibres.

It is sold in 100 and 200 gram portions.

(100 grams = 3.52 oz. and 200 grams = 7.06 oz.)

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