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Cotswold Locks

Cotswold Locks
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Cotswold Locks -- a Canadian fibre.   I washed and dyed some samples and was so impressed, I bought the farmer's whole fleece.  I've been careful to keep this fleece intact while washing because the locks are beautiful and want to felt.  Love the waviness of the locks and the 7 to 8 inch length.  There is also some luster.  The natural color is white.  They dye well with acid dyes.  These will contain some small amount of vegetable matter.  The curls hold some VM even when hand-washed.

Spin it, blend it with other fibres, insert it into your weaving, felt with it, use it for fringe on a felted piece.  This fibre is sure to get your creativity going!

Price is for 25 grams.  Include a note to tell me the color you'd like if dyed.  Golden Yellow, Green, Blue, or Cranberry (or mixed colors).

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