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Dye Measuring Spoons

Dye Measuring Spoons
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These are the measurements used for the powdered dyes.  They are the Grey (brand) dye spoons. They are made to last of polished aluminum.  The measurements are 1/4th tsp., 1/8th, 1/16th, 1/32nd, 1/64th, and 1/128th.  Three spoons with six measures. 

These spoons are scientifically calibrated to be exact measures.  1/64th of a teaspoon is going to be the same every time, and the same as the dye recipe you get from across the country.  You can be accurate in your dyeing.  You can reproduce recipes exactly.  If you like the effect you got with your dyes, it is such a benefit to be able to replicate it a second time.  Using dye spoons also means that you conserve the amount of dye powder used.  You can produce half of a recipe if you want to. 

One set is all you'll ever need.

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