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Felting Tool - Single-Needle

Felting Tool - Single-Needle
Single-Needle Tool
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These Needle Felting Tools are unique precision machined light-weight aluminium tools for all your hand felting work.

With our Single Needle Tool the working tip of the needle is in the exact center ensuring a constant working position related to your fingers every time you pick up the tool.

Ergonomic design ensures that the tool fits the user’s hand comfortably, with the entire needle shank held within the tool, providing the shortest distance between fingers and felt. Requiring minimal gripping effort, this tool provides you with the highest level of control and precision in your work.

The automatic centering of the felting needle allows easy, fast and safe insertion/removal of the needle. The precision machined needle slot provides secure seating for the needle which is held in place by simple rubber rings ensuring positive location.

Needle Felting Tool 75 mm long

Light weight Only 11 grams (0.38 oz.) for reduced RSI risk

Fast, Easy, and silent Felting

Safe, simple, quick, needle changing

No screwdrivers required

Natural finish, Polished and Red or Gold currently available.  Needles sold seperately.

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