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Enjoy the work of friends using Legacy Studio products

Beautiful Sky Alena's Bouquet         
                            Beautiful Sky                              Alena's Felted Bouquet                                 Wool Applique
                          Leisa's Flower Mat                            Leisa's Braided Rug                  School Children's Felt - High River
                         Susan's Sheep Rug                        Helen's Butterfly Jacket                      Brittany's Hand-Dyed Socks
Girl Guides Calgary Girl Guides
                Girl Guides Learn to Hook Mats                  Keeping the Canadian Tradition                  Calgary Guides with Hooked Mats
Four-yr-olds Felting Pre-School Felting Sandy's Animal Rug
         Four-year-olds Wet-Felting for Mother's Day                              Pre-School Felting                           Sandy's Animal Rug
Shelley's Yarn 
         Shelley's Core-Spun English Leicester Locks                          Laura's Braided Rug                                Hooked Rug
Jan's Elevator Grandkid's Snow Dog Sue's Braided Rug
                       Jan's Hooked Elevator                           Grandkids Snow Dog                             Sue's Braided Rug
           Ann Taylor's Rug           Shari's Tams Mary's English Garden
                          Ann's Rose Rug                             Shari's Tams                       Mary's English Garden
Julie's Shawl
                Darlene's Hand-Dyed Scarves                              Jan's Morris Cat         Julie's Handspun, Hand-dyed Polworth Shawl


                      Barb's Moraine Lake Abstract                           Viola's Geisha                              Killyvane by Tanya
                           Diane's Tesselated Fish                                   Peggy's Cat                          Santa Trio by Maryann
                        St. John's by Tanya                  Ellen's Nuno Scarf and Bag                        Shirley's Felted Helmet
Moraine Lake - Felt Rosemary's Sheep Night Sheep by Rosemary
                     Moraine Lake by Rosalind                      Rosemary's  Felted Sheep                     Night Sheep by Rosemary
                          Rosemary's Cottage                    Maggie's Earth Nest                       Diane's Three Sisters Rug
Sue's Braided Snowflake
                        Sue's Braided Snowflake                 School Children's Felt - High River                           Three Sisters Detail
Sue's Braided Mat Sue's Hooked Sheep w/Braided Edge
                            Sue's Braided Mat             Sue's Hooked Sheep w/Braided Edge                    Val's Rocky and Bullwinkle Rugs
Jan's Stone Barn Diane's Footstool Diane's Jungle Frogs
                             Jan's Stone Barn                              Diane's Footstool                          Diane's Jungle Frogs
Sue's Newest Rug
                       Saddle Pals by Diane                    Elaine's Lunenberg Tea Cosy                               Sue's Newest Rug
              Dana's Felted Wrap                      Dana's Felted Scarf                           Darcy's Felted Wrap
                       Rug Hooked Flower
                        Lynda's Beach Scene                         Rug Hooked Flower                               Felted Landscape