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Gripper Strip -- All-Purpose

Gripper Strip -- All-Purpose
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This is a quality gripper strip, the type you see on many rug hooking frames. Build a frame or apply it to the frame you use now and make that frame so much more useful.

Don't you hate it when you struggle with pressing your hooked mat between hoops? The gripper strip allows you to spread your rug across your frame. The metal teeth hold the backing snugly in place. It is easy to move from one area of the pattern to another. You can hook on thick rugs without flattening your previous work between hoops.

This all-purpose strip is 101 cm in length (40 inches)  and 3.175 cm wide (1 1/4 inches).  It may be cut into sections to place around your frame.  This strip is the most commonly used.  It works well with all backing fabrics. We include instructions for cutting the strip.

The fine-wire strip is listed separately.  Buy 5 strips or more and get 10% off.

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