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Handweaver's Pattern Directory

Handweaver's Pattern Directory
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This weaving compendium should be a reference tool on every weaver's bookshelf!

The Handweaver's Pattern Directory is a full-color practical guide to weave structures for 4-shaft looms that features drafts for 600 weaves including twill, zigzag, diamond, herringbone, block drafts, and specialized techniques. Each structure includes a color photograph, threading and treadling sequences, and degree of difficulty.

Readers will find sections on tools and equipment, types of fibers and yarns, weaving basics, finishing techniques, ideas to encourage experimentation with different yarns, looms, and colors, and a full glossary of international weaving terminology.

The book is divided into five sections for clarity: straight draft, point draft, block weaves, lace weaves, and specialized techniques. Individual samples are shown actual size or bigger from the front view, with a detail showing the reverse view where this is of particular interest. For purposes of comparison and pattern clarity, for each two-page unit of samples, the same color thread is often used for warp or weft. Extended samples (gamps) use different threading drafts and thread color combinations to increase the range of options available to the weaver.

  • Explanations of basic weave structures
  • Information on choosing and using looms and shuttles
  • Color charts and swatches
  • Advice on working with color, selecting and dyeing yarn, and suggested applications for your finished cloth

The compact size and lay-flat binding is convenient for keeping near the loom. As an added bonus, an extended flap carries an explanation of the weaving drafts, so beginner weavers can have the information at their fingertips.

The Handweaver's Pattern Directory is a refresher for experienced weavers and a great starting point for new weavers learning their weave structures.

Color photos of woven fabrics, draft charts, lay-flat ring binding, 256pp

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