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Merino Palette

Merino Palette
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If you'd like an assortment of wool colors for wet-felting or spinning then this assortment will be helpful. 

The Merino Palette gives you ten colors of Merino wool top. There is 250 grams of wool in this package which would equal 8.81 ounces, or 25 grams of each color. 

We've chosen popular light, medium and dark shades.  Not all assortments will be identical, but each will contain 10 good colors.  

Natural White Merino Top
10.49 CA$
Corriedale Wool - Black
8.95 CA$
Prairie Felting Batt - Natural White #1
26.00 CA$
Tussah Silk Top - White
4.95 CA$
English Leicester Locks
3.00 CA$
Corriedale Palette - Flower
10.95 CA$