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Oak Frame w/Floor Stand

Oak Frame w/Floor Stand
Oak Frame w/Floor Stand
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Hand-crafted solid oak rug frame with floor stand.

Gripper strips hold the foundation fabric securely.  You won't struggle trying to fit your hooking between hoops.  This frame is on a ball-joint that swivels in any direction then locks into place. 

Beautiful furniture finish.  The Polyurethane finish protects the wood.  Hand-crafted of oak for durability and beauty.

The frame is 16 1/2 inches across (outside measurement), and 14 1/2 inches (inside measurement).  The base measures 13 inches by 17 inches.  Maximum height is 36 inches.

The lap stand is included with the floor stand.  That way, if you want to take your hooking project to a guild meeting, you have the convenience of the smaller stand. 

Please ask if you have a question.

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