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Polwarth/Polworth Wool Top - White

Polwarth/Polworth Wool Top - White
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This Polwarth/Polworth is natural White. Great for dyeing light colors. The breed is a cross between Merino and Lincoln.  It is very soft, with a longer staple length than Merino, so a little easier to spin. It's also good for felting-- either wet or needle felting. Fluffy, clean, top-quality fibre, with no vegetation.  

For the spinner, Polwarth has become a popular fleece type, easier to prepare and spin than Merino, yet with a similar softness and handle.
 Polwarth is beautiful to spin, especially when prepared for a worsted type yarn which will enhance its brightness and give drapeability to the knitted or woven fabric.  Be careful, this fibre is addictive to hand-spinners! Purchasers have been very pleased.  It's a favorite of mine as well.

Polworth is packaged in 100 and 200 gram portions.  Great wool.

(100 grams = 3.52 oz. and  200 grams = 7.06 oz.)

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