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Primary Fusion Dye Kit

Primary Fusion Dye Kit
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Use only four dyes to dye any color you want on wool, silk, mohair, angora and nylon. They dye any animal fibre plus nylon as well.

"Primary Fusion" by Hieronimous is a guide to dyeing using only three primary colors plus black.  Washfast Acid dyes Red, Blue, Yellow,and Black in various combinations can create 464 different shades of color!  In this book, you get all the "recipes" to produce the exact color you need for your hooked rug, roving or yarn.  You may also use these recipes to produce six or eight-value swatches.

This listing is for the KIT.  Included is the Primary Fusion book, the four powdered dyes, and most valuable of all-- the group of swatches.  There are 58 sets of swatches.  Each set has 8 parts, or 8 values, or 8 shades of the same color.  That is 464 swatches all together! 

You will need a set of measuring spoons, water, either vinegar or citric acid, and a set of dedicated containers to do your dyeing.
If you want only the Primary Fusion book, it is available in a separate listing.  If you need dye spoons, there is a link at the bottom of this page > related products.

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