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Red Prefelt

Red Prefelt
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Fine 21 micron Merino wool has been needled to form yardage that is very uniform in thickness. 

Cut the pre-felt into shapes and needle-felt or wet-felt it onto a base layer.  Lay prefelt onto silk or another fabric and nuno felt it.   The pre-felted wool may be thought of like yardage for garments, purses, pillows etc. It is a wonderful time-saver in the felting process.  It is partially felted, so must be felted further.

Imported from Europe.  150 grams per meter. 100 cm in width (about 39 inches).

This Pre-felt is a great red.  Not orangey, but a Christmas red.

Sold in meters, half meters and pieces.  The pieces are 30 by 25 cm (or about 10 by 11 inches). Enough to give you some color when you don't need yardage. 

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