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Silk Hankies White

Silk Hankies White
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Cultivated silk "hankies" add luxury to your hand-spun yarns. They may be used in paper-making and in felting as well.

Approximately 10 inches square and many layers. These are made by stretching silk cocoons across a frame. Spin it and ply it with your wool for a lovely sheen, or use it alone for a wonderful silk yarn.

The natural white color is perfect for dyeing. This form of silk allows the artist to hand-paint across the fibre for sumptuous color. Silk takes dye beautifully.   Silk hankies are also known as Mawata silk.

Select 25 grams, 50 grams or 100 grams of silk fibre. The amount shown in the photo is 100 grams.

Hand-dyed silk hankies are also available in separate listings.

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