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Stitch, Cloth, Shimmer & Shine

Stitch, Cloth, Shimmer & Shine
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Sarah Lawrence’s gorgeous textile art is so richly decorated that it is impossible to guess how it has been created. In this book, she reveals the secrets, with instructions on a multitude of innovative techniques from many different crafts, which are then combined to produce eleven beautiful projects. People who love textile art, rubber stamping, embroidery, gilding, embossing and many other crafts will be attracted to this book.

Sarah Lawrence uses mixed media, stitching and numerous innovative techniques to produce stunning textile art with the accent on shimmer and shine. Step by step photographs and clear instructions show how to make fabric from brown paper or by layering interlining with metal leaf, then demonstrate gilding techniques, using mica, hot fusing adhesives and metal, various colouring techniques, hand and machine stitching, free machine embroidery and creating unique embellishments. Beautiful finished pieces show the intricate, rich, bright and shiny results of the techniques used in various combinations, and then there are eleven sumptuous projects with full captions on the techniques used to produce them.

• Stunning textile art with an accent on metallic and shiny effects used with stitching 
• Step by step photographs and easy to follow instructions teach numerous innovative techniques 
• Eleven sumptuous projects beautifully photographed with full explanations referring back to the techniques

Hardcover, 275 illustrations, 96pp, size: 216x280 mm

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