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Thermohair Socks

Thermohair Socks
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Not only are these socks soft, elegant, and fuzzy -- they are proudly made in Canada, Mohair is renowned for its warmth, strength, lustre, durability, and easy care, making it an ideal fibre for your feet. It is not a wool and is fully machine washable.

The socks trademarked under THERMOHAIR are made of kid mohair, which is the first hair sheared from the young kid. This particular hair is very fine and soft, the most luxurious and expensive of the mohair grades. The finished socks are knit with loops inside for cushioning, and are blended with 25% nylon for stretch and durability.  

Mohair is very insulating, protecting your feet from the cold and sub-zero outdoor weather.  Over the years they have been worn up every major peak, including Everest, and have been worn in both poles.  They are the best socks for those working in steel toed boots or playing in the cold outdoors or for those who suffer from cold feet due to health issues.  Scuba divers wear them in their suits to keep their feet warm in the icy waters. They are ideal for contractors, hunters, fishermen, linesmen, skiers, skidooers, skindivers, hikers, etc. The men's all Grey are slightly heavier than the other colours, suitable for work boots.  The most durable sock you'll ever wear.

Choose Medium or Large in Men's or Women's socks in various colors.

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