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Tussah Silk Top - Dream

Tussah Silk Top - Dream
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Tussah Silk is a beautiful fibre with the sheen you know from pure silk. It is extremely soft and fine, with all the luxurious qualities of good silk. "Top" is fibre that has been combed. The fibres are parallel and the impurities removed to leave only the best.

Spin it alone or blend it with a contrasting color and have the sheen of the silk stand out.   Excellent for spinning, felting and dyeing.  Only wool will felt, but you can capture the silken fibres among the strands of wool for beautiful effect.

This lovely blue is called Dream.

Tussah Top is sold in 50 and 25 gram portions.  (50g= 1.76oz., 25g = 0.88oz.)

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