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Bamboo Top - Emerald

Bamboo Top - Emerald
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Emerald is a deep, rich green color.  Very pretty with a lovely shine.

This fibre is Bamboo Top.  "Top" means that it has been combed and the fibres are all aligned parallel.  There are no bumps or noils in this preparation.  Characteristics of bamboo are that it is anti-bacterial and eco-friendly. 

It is amazing that this beautiful fibre comes from a bamboo plant.  It is very soft and silky, with extremely fine fibres, and has a gleaming shine.  Spin and ply it with your wool for a bright strand  in your hand-spun or blend it with other fibres.

This fibre also may be used for paper-making.  Your paper will have the shine of bamboo in it.  Bamboo may also be used in wet felting.  It must be "captured" like silk.

Emerald bamboo fibre is packaged in 25 gram, 50 gram, and 100 gram portions.  ( 25 grams= 0.88 oz, 50 grams= 1.76 oz, 100 grams = 3.52 ounces).

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