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Deluxe Manual Brother Drum Carder

Deluxe Manual Brother Drum Carder
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Brother DrumCarder Co. is a family business that creates quality fibre processing equipment. This is their Deluxe Manual, belt-driven drum carder.  


  • Deluxe Manual Carder with the motorized carder design. Brush attachment, large and small flickers, clamp and doffer included.
  • Our best manual carder with 12 inch width.  Available in 54, 72, 90, or 120 cloth.  Add $20 for 190 cloth.
  • Frame is finished solid oak: 22" long, 12" wide and 14" tall.
  • Weighs 20 pounds.
  • Produces a 9"x 22" batt.
  • Poly belt for a smooth and quiet operation.
  • Easy adjustment knobs
  • May be used in the middle of a table and the handle will clear the table freely.
  • Convenient slide-out tray for catching any debris that falls under the carder.
  • Interchangeable drums option.
  • May be motorized later.
  • Choose left or right-handed options

Prepare fleeces and make batts easily for hand-spinning or felting.  You won't find better quality for the price, plus a limited lifetime warranty!  We will gladly supply the carder you require.

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