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Double No-Slip Hoop - 14/10"

Double No-Slip Hoop - 14/10"
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The No-Slip Hoop is 14 inches across.  Turn it over, and it's 10 inches across.  Use the 14" for rug hooking and the 10" for embroidery or whatever works for you.  The space under the hoop means you can easily put you hand under the hoop while it's on your lap and hold the strip of wool you're working with.  

A 14" hoop is big enough to not have to keep moving your work around, but small enough to not be too unwieldy. It has a ridge within the hoop that locks into a depression and hold your foundation fabric without slipping.  The long screw allows lots of room for opening.

The hoop is plastic and sturdier than an embroidery hoop. If you are a new rug hooker and don't yet want to invest in a rug hooking frame, then this is a good alternative.

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