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Nube Solis Merino

Nube Solis Merino
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Nube (spanish for cloud), is ultra-soft Merino fibre from Malabrigo in Uruguay.  The color is Solis.  Blue and Green shading.

There is variability in the hand-dyeing.  Colors will be the same as listed, but vary in amounts.

Use this fibre for hand-spinning, and felting. Other colors are available.

Each braid is 113 grams/4 ounces 

Merino-Silk Blend: LEO
12.95 CA$
Merino Top SuperFine - White
11.50 CA$
Merino Top SuperFine - Black
11.50 CA$
Merino-Silk Blend: Sicilian Oranges SUPERFINE
13.95 CA$
Merino-Silk Blend: Libra
12.95 CA$
Merino-Silk Blend: Aquarius
12.95 CA$