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Oxford Punch - #10 Regular, 1/4" loop

Oxford Punch - #10 Regular, 1/4" loop
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The Oxford Punch #10 REGULARis a popular size of Oxford Punch needle. It makes a 1/4 inch loop with a Chunky Weight yarn

By using strips of wool fabric in the punch needle, you can get the look of traditional, primitive hooked rugs in a fraction of the time it would take using a rug hook.

The Oxford Punch Needle may be used with any traditional hooked rug patterns that are on monk's cloth, linen, or rug warp. Burlap is not recommended.

Keep in mind that the punch needle is used on the back side of the piece so any lettering on the pattern must be backwards (a mirror image).

There is also a #8 and a #14 needle which are listed separately, the Oxford #8 makes a 1/2 inch loop and the #14 makes an 1/8th inch loop. ON ORDER

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