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SpinOlution Pollywog

SpinOlution Pollywog
, 12oz. and 4oz. Flyers
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Spinners of all ages and heights enjoy treadling with their toes on this perfect beginner, budget-friendly wheel. Start with the 4 oz flyer and bobbin and as you learn - add  accessories to spin at faster speeds or on bigger bobbins.

The open orifice hook allows you to spin bulky, ply creative, or add embellishments - and the treadling is smooth & silent.  Made of Baltic Birch with lacquer finish. Peg flyer guides.  One-year manufacturers warranty.

This 8.5 pound wheel has a 4 oz. flyer head and three bobbins.  $399 US. Spinolution has announced a price increase March 1.  If you're thinking of a SpinOlution wheel, now is the time.

Accessories available: 
$199US - Accelerator - (fits both 4 oz and 12 oz flyer heads) for additional speeds for spinning cobweb and other fine yarns.
$409US - 12 oz. Flyer Head


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